Let’s support Diabetes Assistance Dogs training.

Until the Forum starts, we will  finance the training up to twelve diabetes service dogs for young people with Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis.
These trained dogs will be handed over by us to 12 young owners at the Closing Ceremony on Sunday, October 6th.
You can find about making donations on this website.

PID Kalle Elster: Dear Lions, please help us train diabetes service dogs for young people to keep their sight by making a small donation. Training with twelve dogs have started already.

Who are the diabetes assistance dogs? The diabetes assistance dogs are trained to assist an individual with diabetes by alerting when there is an imminent pronounced drop or increase in blood sugar level and/or demonstrating specific behaviour during or immediately after a hypo/hyperglycaemia episode.

The mission for training the dogs is to empower people with Type 1 Diabetes to improve their quality of life by providing assistance to families training their diabetes alert dog.

You can donate during the EF registration or by making a bank transfer:

Payee: LIONS EF2019 MTU
Bank Account No: EE791010220255292226
Explanation: Hypo Dogs


Six new diabetic assistance dogs passed the exams!

On April 13th, 6 dogs were successfully passed the diabetic assistance dog (hypodog) exam after one year of training. The exam consists of three parts: theory, scent sensation + bringing the object and basical obedience. All six dogs and dog handlers are now waiting for a six-month reporting period, after which the dogs will receive official hypodog certification. Congratulations to the good ones! You’ve already done a lot of work and all the dogs that passed the exam are already working in their homes for the benefit of their owners! It has been a great pleasure to work and even more joy that it will continue!

Thank you!