The year before our Forum, Estonia is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Although we have had only 100 years of independence, we Estonians, have been living here for about 10 000 years. The history and the traditions can be felt while walking between the walls of the Medieval Old Town of Tallinn or traveling around the country. To get a better understanding of what you might like to see most, use the virtual travel with the help of videos of Estonia or Tallinn or find even more from webpages Visit Estonia and Visit Tallinn.

Our partner, Reisiekspert, offers you the possibility to travel around Estonia and visit our nearest neighbors with various tours. Read more on our tour pages!

Did you know that English speaking travelers say that they can communicate in English throughout Estonia! And at Lion`s Europa Forum, we have simaltaneous translation with German, Italian, French, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian and English for all of the events in the Alexela Concert Hall.

“Each of our 1.4 million members is different. These very differences are what make us strong. They make us great. They make us Lions.” these are the words of our International President, Dr. Jung-Yul Choi. Read more…

Creative Ideas open Innovation”, says our Forum patron from Estonia, Deputy Director General of the European Commission, Mrs. Signe Ratso. You will have many opportunities to brainstorm and to contribute. Together, we will re-energize the European Lions! The main workshop topics are:

• Sustainable Circular Economy
• Healthy Youth – Basis for the European Society
• E-Lion – Lion`s Cyber Solutions

To meet our Forum`s charitable goals, we have decided to finance the training of 12 service dogs for 12 youths diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. You can donate to this project during the EF registration. These specially trained dogs will be handed over by all of us to the young people at the Closing Ceremony on Sunday, October 6th.

As the program  is being developed, you will have plenty of reasons to check in on our website!


We start our FUN program on Thursday, October 3rd with the Charity  Warm-up  party at Tallinn Creative Hub to warm us up for creativity and inspiration for the next three days.

On Friday, October 4th, we hope all of you, our Lion friends,  will be in Tallinn to boost our Forum with a  Parade  of  Nations from the official Forum hotels, Sokos Hotel Viru, and Hotel Forum, to Alexela Concert Hall where the Get Together & Host Night  will take place. On Saturday, October 5th, Gala  Night  will be held at  Seaplane  Harbour and it will be the hottest event to attend as this is the only place in the world were you can see an  exciting show and enjoy a delicious dinner with  your best Lion friends right next to Lembit, a real submarine!

Sunday, October 6th draws the official Forum program to a close, thus affording the perfect time to participate in the tours our partner, Reisiekspert, has prepared for you. We hope to see you there!


On behalf of the Estonian Lions and Leos, the organizers of Lion`s Europa Forum 2019, would like to invite you to take part in the Market of Ideas in Tallinn, Estonia!

Join us via our social media or homepage, or contact the Estonian Lions and Leos directly. Involve your friends from your club and beyond to make sure that they do not miss this event! Together we can make these connections work.

Let’s shake on our friendships!  Read more



More information about the packages can be seen on the page: REGISTRATION. Your questions will get answered if you write to us