Young musicians born in 1995 or later are cordially invited to participate in the 28th Lions European Music Competition.
Please liaise with the Lions organization in your own country via internet for further information and registration. As a first step, you will participate in regional or national preliminaries taking place next spring.

A music prize is awarded annually at the Lions Europa Forum to encourage talented young European musicians. The music competition will be held at Forum and the instrument to be played changes every year.
The below text is an extract from the rules. If in doubt, only the official version of the regulation will be valid.




In order to encourage talented young musicians, a Music prize may be presented annually on occasion of each Lions Europa Forum.
During the Europa Forum a competition will be organized to identify the winner of the annual prize.


1) Participants should be maximum 23 years old on January 1st in the year of the competition. That means: Participants must have their 24th birthday in the year of the competition or later.[2]
2) Participants should have been resident in the territory of the entering member of the Europa Forum for at least five years prior to January 1st in the year of the competition.
3) “Members” are countries or states as defined in Article III – Rules of Procedures of the Europa Forum.
4) No winner of any competition may participate in any future competition.
5) Each member of the Europa Forum may nominate one and only one participant for the competition.
6) The registration of the participants has to be done at the Chairman’s of the Committee by June 30th in the year of the competition.
7) All costs of a participant attending the competition will be the responsibility of the entering member.

1) Each participant will be required to perform :
– The imposed piece of a duration of approx. ten minutes
– Two pieces of his/her selection from a provided repertoire list.

2)The repertoire can be found in this file: Repertoire LEMC Guitar Competition in Tallinn October 2019

3) The prize will be equivalent to EUR 10.000:
– 1st prize: 5 000 EUR
– 2nd prize: 3 000 EUR
– 3rd prize: 2 000 EUR

Host Country’s Responsibilities:

The host member of the Europa Forum, where the competition final is held, will be responsible for:
1) Proposing the instrument, the imposed piece and the repertoire list of pieces of comparable length and complexity to be played in the year of the competition. The selected instrument will not include any instrument selected for the competitions of the two proceeding years.
2) Announcing the instrument at the latest at the Europa Forum two years in advance of the competition.
3) Announcing the imposed piece and the repertoire list in a letter to the Chairman of the Committee at the latest on February 28th of the year preceding the competition.
4) Accepting notifications from members of their intention to register a participant. The notifications have to be made by June 30th in the year of the competition.
5) Appointing a panel of judges (3 in number plus one for “emergency”) in agreement with the chairman of the committee comprising professional musicians and music teachers who may not be closely related to any participant. No judge is allowed to be a Lions member.
In view of the international character of the competition, one of the judges should come from a country outside the host country.
6) Providing facilities for an elimination contest, including practice facilities for the participants.
7) Providing facilities and time at the Closing session of the Europa Forum so that at least the winner of the competition may present a piece.
The winners of the competition will be presented to the Forum at the Closing session.
8) All costs incurred in carrying out the above including the price money of EUR 10.000. The host country may seek sponsors to provide funds for these expenses.

Country Representatives
1) Each member of the Europa Forum is asked to appoint a Country Representative for the Lions European Music Competition Thomas Kuti for three years. Reappointment is possible. The Country Representative has to be experienced in music matters and in organization tasks.
2) The Country Representative cares for nominating a candidate for the member country or district to participate at the Music Competition of the Europa Forum to the Chairman of the Committee at the latest on 30th June of the year of the competition.
3) The Country Representative is asked to accompany the candidate and take care for him or her at the Forum.
4) During the Europa Forum a conference of the country representatives of the Music Competition will be held. The Country Representative takes part in the conference and has the right to vote there.
5) This conference will elect a Chairman of the Lions European Music Competition (LEMC) Thomas Kuti for three years, who is one of the Country Representatives. Reelection is possible.

1) A Committee will be appointed to be responsible for the overall running of the competition. It will also be responsible for the endorsement of proposals put forward by the host country including expansion of and/or alteration to these guidelines. In the time between the Europa Fora the committee will be managing the business of the Music Competition.
2) The Committee consists of one representative from each of the known two future, present and immediate past host members. Also the chairman belongs to the committee. He presides.

1) The chairman invites to the conference of the country representatives, leads the conference and coordinates the work of the committee.
2) The chairman should be enabled through his home MD to have a look at the place, where the competition is planned to take place. This visit of the Chairman in the host country should be early enough to be able to make changes, if necessary.
To provide a comparable high standard and quality of the basic conditions in the different host countries the chairman should especially pay attention to
the concert hall, that will be used for the 1st and 2nd round of the competition and for the concert of the six best being especially aware of the acoustic situation;
the minimum 3 rehearsal rooms;
the needed grand pianos in the concert hall of the competition and in the hall of the closing ceremony and the minimum needed 3 pianos in the rehearsal rooms; the grand pianos have to be in an extraordinarily good state, the pianos have to be in a good state;
the room for the consultation of the Jury;
the room for the dinner of participants, jury and country representatives (recommended is a separate room, where it is possible to talk to each other);
3) Receiving the registration of the participants at the latest by June 30th in the year of the competition.
4) Getting an agreement with the host country about the members of the jury.

(These rules were settled by the European Council whilst Europa Forum 2013 in Istanbul and Sofia 2016.)
[1] Please think of all male writings also to be meant in the female form
[2] The last sentence is a clearing interpretation made by the Country Representatives in Sofia 2016

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