Dear friends!

Lions Europa Forum 2019 in Tallinn is an event for all the Lions and Leos of the world!

This autumn we have an honour to host around 1000-1200 Lions from all over the world in our lovely home – Estonia. This is the largest event ever organised by our district and we are putting all our hearts and efforts into its success. Everybody is welcomed to Lions Europa Forum 2019  – the versatile programme offers something for each Lion, Leo and companion!

The forum starts in the evening of Thursday, 3rd of October with a Warm-Up party in Tallinn Creative Hub. This is the first time such an event is taking place at the forum. It is a great opportunity to meet your fellow Lions and Leos in a non-formal environment and spend some good time together. The Lions international board will also be present.

On Friday, 4th of October the main programme starts including multiple presentations, discussions and meetings. What to expect from the day exactly? First, a presentation will be held by the expert on future technologies, Kristjan Lepik. He is also one of the advisors for the e-residency project and an organiser for the talents’ global movement. The speech takes place from 9:00-9:30 followed by the main programme. The whole programme of the forum circulates around three main topics. The first of them is Sustainable Circular Economy and the introduction will be made by the president of Estonian Academy of Sciences, professor Tarmo Soomere. The presentation takes place from 9:30-10:00.

The main idea of the forum is to encourage the exchange of ideas between ourselves, by focusing on world cafe style discussions, where every participant can express their ideas. All the topics will be introduced shortly at the end of the keynote speech, and after, everyone can choose the most interesting workshop for themselves. For example, the Sustainable Circular Economy discussions divide into topics on the Baltic Sea purification project, the World Clean Up Day and climate compensation. The discussions are lead by Lions, Leos or the experts of the field. They will be held in small tables with a goal to make a summary at the end of each discussion of the main ideas and possible actions which all the participants can take with them and practice in their home countries. The discussions will take place from 10:30 to 13:00.

The programme will have another new addition – the Newcomers’ Workshop. The aim is to bring together all the first time participants of the Lions Europa Forum and to share knowledge amongst them about the forum, the programme and to get to know each other. The workshop will take place at 10:30-13:00.

In addition, everybody is invited to participate in a Lions Parade through Tallinn’s city centre and

in a grand Opening Ceremony in Alexela Concert Hall. The musical selection is focused on Estonia in Europe, pieces from our most famous composers such as Arvo Pärt, Veljo Tormis and Rein Rannap will be performed. The parade will start at 14:00 and the opening ceremony at 16:00.

The opening ceremony will be followed by an Estonian-themed Host Night, where we introduce the best our small country has to offer. The music is by folk ensemble Untsakad.

Saturday, 5th of October will be kicked off with the meeting of the International President at 9:00-10:30. Afterwards we continue with our second main topic Healthy Youth – Base for a European Society. The keynote speech will be held at 11:00-11:30 by Dr Ott Pärna, the leader of multiple social initiative as well as a healthy lifestyle enthusiast. The themes of the discussions are very topical including future trends in workforce, youth health and diabetes dogs’ projects. The discussions take place from 11:30-13:00.

The second half of the day will move towards the third main topic of the forum – E-Lion – Lions Cyber Solutions. The topic aims to teach us the effects of the rapidly developing technological world on our everyday lives as well as on our Lions Clubs lives and to learn how to cope with these changes. The keynote speech for this topic will be on e-Estonia and cyber solutions from 14:00-14:30 followed by the discussion at 14:30-16:00.

Furthermore, the experience sharing seminars, where Lions and Leos from different countries will introduce their various service projects will take place during the day. These presentations will include a short overview about the preparations, tools and execution of the project. The purpose is to share successful projects in order to also implement them in other countries. Seminars take place on Saturday, 5th of October at 16:00- 17:00 and on Sunday, 6th of October at 9:30-10:30 and 11:00-12:00.

The day will be concluded with the most elegant night – the Gala Night at the Seaplane Harbour.  We promise you a magical night with good music, delicious cuisine and unforgettable company. And if you have never danced under a real submarine – now is the chance! The music by ensemble Swingers. The gala starts at 19:00.

On Sunday, 6th of October the programme continues with E- Lion and cyber topics. The day will be kicked off with Leo presentation of the pan-European environmental project Leo4Green, to teach us how to organize a project covering the whole Europe by virtual communication. The presentation will start at 9:00-9:30. Following the practical workshops, where to gain knowledge about how to apply for funds from the Lions Headquarters and the European Union in order to pursue successful local service projects, which virtual tools to use in your club life as well as for the project management. International Leos will introduce how they organize themselves and what the other Leos and Lions have to learn from them. Again the experience sharing seminars will take place, where to gain new ideas for your club activities. Workshops take place at 9:30-10:30 and 11:00-12:00.

The day will be finished with the Closing Ceremony in Alexela Concert Hall. We will hand over the donations collected to train up to 12 diabetes dogs. A selection of music on the topic of Europe in Estonia will be performed:  J.S.Bach – Rasmus Puur remix with ÜENSO orchestra, W.A.Mozart – Sander Mölder remix, L.V.Beethoven – Tiit Kikas “Ode to Joy.” The closing ceremony starts at 14:00.

The full programme with the timetable will be available on the website from the end of July.

In conclusion, we present you five main reasons why all of you should participate in the Lions Europa Forum 2019 in Tallinn:

  1. An exciting location – there has never been so many Leos and Lions in our small country!
  2. A chance to network with the Lions and Leos all over the world
  3. Learning opportunities and sharing experiences with actionable results
  4. New ideas to enrich your club life
  5. Fun parties in interesting locations

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