We are really proud to say that the Airports Council International recognised Tallinn Airport with the Best European Airport 2018 award. The high award was received in a competition of airports with up to 5 million passengers, overtaking the airports of Cork, London City, Torino, Kosovo and Chisnau.

And additionally: you can´t find a City in the world were it`s possible to take a tram from the Airport and travel to the City center within 20 minutes to the front of Your official Forum Hotel and for free! To get the free ride ticket find the Europa Forum 2019 welcome desk in the Airport!

See for more about public transport from Airport from the Airport Web!


Old City Harbour is one of the biggest and busiest passenger harbours in the Baltic region and it`s only 10-15 minutes walking from our Forum Official Hotel Viru.
Tallink, Eckerö Line and Viking Line ferries depart from the Old City Harbour for Helsinki, as well as the Tallink vessels operated on the Tallinn – Stockholm route and Moby SPL vessel on the Tallinn – St. Petersburg route. See the shipping companies here.


Public transport is free in Tallinn, using the EF Transport badges! You can find the special badges from the forum welcome desk at the Airport or Harbour, but also in our official Registration desk.

If you don`t have the Forum Transport badge, then:

  • A ticket purchased from driver (at the price of 2 €) will grant you the right for one ride. You must only use cash to buy a ticket from the driver of public transport vehicle. You must enter the public transport vehicle, using the front door, to purchase one end ticket. A passenger will be required to keep the one-end ticket until the end of the ride. One end ticket is not marked, punched or validated.
  • QR-ticket 1 ride 1 €. Purchase up to 10 rides onto your QR-ticket. Share them with your friends and family. First, validate your ride, then choose the number of extra rides to be purchased using the arrows, then press OK and swipe your QR-ticket again. Use the front door validator with the QR-scanner.


EF Official Hotels are located directly in City Center, just 100 meters from our Old Town. Walking to Alexela Concert Hall through Tammsaare Park takes 5-10 min.
In case of bad weather or for whose who prefer using a bus the Host Committee is providing shuttle bus at the following times:
19:00-23:00 from Sokos Hotel Viru to Warm-up party at Tallinn Creative Hub and back, every half hour.
14:30-16:00 from Sokos Hotel Viru to Alexela Concert Hall, every 15 minutes
18:30-21:00 from Alexela Concert Hall to Sokos Hotel Viru, every 15 minutes
8:00-10:30 from Sokos Hotel Viru to Alexela Concert Hall, every 15 minutes
10:30-13:00 from Alexela Concert Hall to Sokos Hotel Viru, every 15 minutes
18:00-19:00 from Sokos Hotel Viru to Gala Night at Seaplane Harbour,every 10 minutes
21:30-23:00 from Seaplane Harbour to Sokos Hotel Viru, every 15 minutes
6. October
8:30-10:00 from Sokos Hotel Viru to Alexela Concert Hall, every 20 minutes
13:00-14:00 from Sokos Hotel Viru to Closing Ceremony Alexela Concert Hall, every 10 minutes
15:30 from Alexela through Viru and Harbour to Airport
16:30; 17:30, 18:30 from Viru to Harbour and Airport


You can order the transfer from Airport or Harbour to Forum Official Hotel for 20€ for 2 person during the EF registration.

If you have any special transport needs, please contact with our EF Transport Team via

Our Forum official car rental company is AVIS. If you wish to rent a car during your visit in Estonia, please use the following special booking link to receive a EF2019 quest discounted rate on your rental. If you require any assistance with your booking, please contact Avis Estonia customerservice via e-mail .